Takeaway QR ordering and Worldpay integration

New Features:

  • Takeaway QR ordering

  • For Contactless orders Pay at Counter (PAC) is implemented.

  • PAX terminal (Worldpay) integrated.



  • Setting Screen - Printers selection reorders

  • Voucher, Gift card design

  • In the Authentication screen, we removed the  “local server” option.
    Migrate to the latest android version (restrictions and new app features)(target SDK 30)

  • Designs for  NEXT, BACK, SKIP.etc buttons to be of the same size for the entire project.

  • Delivery charges in the receipts when we give print from pending orders or from transactions.

  • We are not displaying the payment gateway information like Worldpay, Sum Up, Evo if the payment is done by card for online orders

  • Transaction History - Card full transaction details are not showing when the Payment terminal is used

  • Customer Receipts / Kitchen Receipts - Unit Price/ Total price is not working for Web / Mob orders

  • Various other bug fixes.



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